Magazine Wall Hanger | About
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How does it work?

Like anything you want to hang on a wall, but this time it’s a book or a magazine.

1. Find a nice magazine or book

Width of front page must be between 11 to 22cm

2. Buy the Mawah

In a store near you or here with free shipping

3. Adjust the size

To fit your chosen magazine

4. Hang it to the wall

Like a normal picture / painting

A short story about the Magazine Wall Hanger

This is a short movie where Liam, the creator of Mawah show how it works and some of the key models from the development process.


Get yours now!

Order one safe and easy, with free shipping to your doorstep. While you’re at it, order one for your friend too.

How to fit the Mawah

1. Remove the package.


2. Separate the parts.


3. Flip one of them.


4. Stick the one with two ”legs” through the hole in the other, slightly squeeze the two ”legs” together to fit.


5. Adjust the size and length of string to fit your magazine, clip the magazine to the Mawah and hang it to the wall.