Magazine Wall Hanger | The product Mawah - a magazine wall hanger
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What’s Mawah?

A magazine wall hanger, a way to display a spread of a book or magazine as art on the wall.


You can display beautiful art zines, comic books, recipes, music notes, children’s book, quotes, nature pictures, inspiration and whatever you can come up with.

Natural materials

Wood (birch and oak), metal and leather


Fits magazines and books from size 11 to 22cm


Makes use of old magazines, upcycling

Fits all

The soon to be released Mawah – W I D E enables an even greater range of magazine sizes

What about all those magazines?

When a magazine has been read it often end up in a pile somewhere or in the recycle bin. All beautiful pictures and texts forgotten. Until now…

Get yours now!

Order one safe and easy, with free shipping to your doorstep. While you’re at it, order one for your friend too.


We now have a new size of the Magazine Wall Hanger – W I D E

Turn your favorite magazines into wall art!


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